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Consumer Reports responds to EPA Science Advisory Board final report about fuel economy rollback plan

The science advisory board of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a final report about the proposed EPA & DOT plan to rollback vehicle fuel economy and emissions standards, known as the ‘SAFE’ Rule.

In response to the report, David Friedman, Vice President of Advocacy at Consumer Reports, provides the following statement:

“The EPA’s own scientific advisors confirm many of CR’s criticisms of the proposed rule. They even acknowledge that the original, “…2012 rule might provide a better outcome for society than the proposed revision.” Our analysis shows that it is more than a possibility. Strong fuel economy standards save consumers money, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. So, whether it is a full or partial rollback, the administration should ditch its current plans so consumers won’t be stuck spending billions more than they should just to go about their daily lives.”

You can learn more about how costly the proposed rollback would be for consumers at CR.org/unsaferule.