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Joint letter to Congress in support of FDA proposed sunscreen rule

Healthy Babies Bright Futures * Environmental Defense Fund * Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families * NRDC * EWG * Public Citizen * Earthjustice * CFA * Consumer Reports * Center for Science in the Public Interest

Our organizations strongly support efforts by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure the public is protected from hazardous or poorly-tested substances in products the agency regulates, including its recent steps to address the safety and effectiveness of sunscreen ingredients. We ask that you join us in supporting these recent actions by FDA.

As FDA noted in the agency’s proposed sunscreen rule, sunscreen use has increased dramatically but many ingredients lack safety testing and have not been reevaluated based on the latest science. Some of the chemicals used in sunscreens are thought to be absorbed through the skin and the agency has expressed concern for potential endocrine disruption as well as the potential for reproductive, developmental and carcinogenic effects.

We strongly support FDA’s efforts to assess the safety and effectiveness of sunscreens. Melanoma rates continue to climb and every year, thousands of Americans die from skin cancer. Safer and more effective sunscreens should help. But, as FDA documented in the proposed rule, many sunscreens do not provide adequate protection from the sun and make misleading and confusing claims.

We strongly support FDA’s efforts to ensure the safety and effectiveness of sunscreen ingredients, and we urge you to support FDA’s proposed sunscreen rule.

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