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Consumers Union Experts Available to Discuss Dangers Posed by Power Window Switches in Cars


Consumers Union Experts Available to Discuss
Dangers Posed by Power Window Switches in Cars
CU Urges Congress and NHTSA to require safer switches

WHY: Last year four children were strangled by power windows in cars that did not have lever-type switches or auto-reverse sensors to stop them from closing when they hit an obstacle such as an arm or neck, according to Kids and Cars, a nonprofit safety organization. The culprits include switches that raise the window when they are depressed—often by a child’s knee or foot.
Those switches are found primarily in cars from Daimler Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. Most imports to the U.S. and a few U.S. models have the safer, lever-type switch, which must be pulled up to raise the window. Those switches, together with auto-reverse sensors (already available in some cars) would prevent deaths and injuries.
Consumers Union is urging Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to require the safer power-window switches in all vehicles.

Consumers Union experts can discuss:
— Why lever-type switches are safer than horizontal rocker and toggle switch designs.
— Why CU believes that all vehicles should be equipped with safer switches.
— What consumers can do to help prevent an accident involving a power window switch.
WHO: R. DAVID PITTLE, Senior Vice-President, Technical Policy
SALLY GREENBERG, Senior Product Safety Counsel
DAVID CHAMPION, Director of Automotive Testing
HOW: For more information, or to set up interviews, contact:
Douglas Love, 914-378-2437.
TO LEARN MORE: Visit Consumer Reports’ web site for a report that looks at the safety of power window switches: www.ConsumerReports.org/powerwindowswitches