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Consumer Reports urges House to approve STURDY Act to help protect children from deadly dresser tip-over incidents


  • CR investigation finds tip-overs are an epidemic; one child dies every two weeks from furniture, TV, or appliance tipping over onto them




  • CR also calls on House to approve safety bills aimed at installation of carbon monoxide detectors, safer portable fuel containers; House is scheduled to vote on the three measures today



WASHINGTON, D.C. –– Consumer Reports today is urging the U.S. House to approve the STURDY Act (H.R. 2211), a landmark bill to help protect children from dresser tip-over incidents. One child is killed every two weeks when a piece of furniture, television, or appliance tips over onto them, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. CR sent a letter to every member of the House in support of the bill, which is scheduled for a vote today.


A Consumer Reports investigation has found that dresser tip-overs are particularly deadly, and are associated with at least 206 deaths since 2000, with most of the victims younger than age 6. Based on CR’s ongoing work to examine the stability of dressers in the marketplace — including comparative testing of dressers and analysis of government data — Consumer Reports has urged furniture manufacturers to build and sell only those dressers that are designed to remain standing under the weight of a 60-pound child.


The STURDY Act would require safety standards for dressers and other clothing storage units to reduce the risk of tip-overs.  Consumer Reports’ stability testing shows that it is feasible for dressers at all price points to pass the more rigorous testing required under the bill.


CR, together with parents of children who died in tip-over incidents, safety groups, CPSC officials, and other stakeholders, have pushed for passage of the STURDY Act to address the hazards posed by unstable furniture.


William Wallace, Manager, Home and Safety Policy for Consumer Reports, said, “Furniture tip-overs can be deadly.  They send thousands of people to the ER every year. Yet the industry’s standards are completely voluntary and don’t protect enough children. Right now, there’s no easy way to simply look at a dresser and tell whether it’s likely to tip over—so it’s critical to put a strong standard in place that consumers can trust.”


Wallace testified in favor of the STURDY Act and other safety measures at a House Energy and Commerce hearing in June.


In addition to the STURDY Act, the House today is scheduled to consider a bill (H.R. 1618) to promote the use of carbon monoxide detectors and another bill (H.R. 806) to improve the safety of portable fuel containers. Consumer Reports endorses all three bills, and has worked with lawmakers to advance the measures.




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