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Consumer Reports tells EPA to make motor vehicle emissions tests more accurate

Not accounting for the new test fuel would create a costly loophole

WASHINGTON, DC — Consumer Reports is calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finalize its plan to update the country’s vehicle emissions test procedures so that they are more accurate. Automakers have requested that EPA not adjust its math to account for the EPA’s switch to the use of real world fuel in their test procedures.

“Automakers are asking for a loophole that would lead to drivers spending more on gas,” says Chris Harto, a senior transportation policy analyst at CR. “Failing to update the emissions standards would make them less accurate, and weaken the EPA’s greenhouse gas emissions standards by 20%.”

Chris Harto spoke on behalf of Consumer Reports at a conference call EPA hearing about the standards, pointing out how consumers would be impacted if EPA doesn’t update the standards. 

The requested loophole comes only months after the EPA and Department of Transportation (DOT) finalized a rollback of federal fuel economy and emissions standards, which will lead to a $300 billion increase in costs for consumers.

“If EPA allows this loophole, it will effectively eliminate one year’s worth of required emissions improvements under the recently finalized rollback” adds Harto. “This could cost consumers up to another $30B on top of what they already stand to lose from the rollback.”