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Consumer Reports supports Nevada proposal to adopt Advanced Clean Car Standards 

  • Consumer Reports filed comments with Nevada’s Department of Environmental Protection in support of a proposal to implement a statewide Advanced Clean Cars program
  • With its comments, CR submitted a petition signed by Nevada drivers who favor NDEP’s proposed action

CARSON CITY, NV – The independent, nonprofit consumer research organization Consumer Reports submitted formal comments to Nevada’s Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP), along with Nevada consumers’ petition signatures, in support of the state’s proposed action to adopt Advanced Clean Cars standards.  


CR filed comments following the state’s public workshop, where NDEP accepted additional comments regarding the proposed implementation of low emission vehicle (LEV) and zero emission vehicle (ZEV) standards for new passenger cars and light-duty trucks in Nevada. 


Alfred Artis, sustainability policy analyst for Consumer Reports, said, “Consumer Reports is pleased to offer support for Nevada’s adoption of an Advanced Clean Cars program. The program can save Nevada consumers a considerable amount of money on gas and maintenance costs, while combating climate change and delivering healthier air across the state.”


A 2020 Consumer Reports survey of adult Nevada drivers found that almost three out of four respondents said they were interested in getting an electric vehicle in the future, and 37 percent of Nevada drivers said they either plan to get, or would consider getting, an electric vehicle for their next purchase or lease. 


An Advanced Clean Cars program in Nevada would ensure that by 2025, at least 5 percent of auto sales in the state are electric. 


Recent research conducted by CR found that switching from a gas-powered car to a new electric vehicle can cut fueling costs by about 60 percent. For Nevadans driving 15,000 miles per year, that equates to around $1,000 to $1,600 annually. Electric vehicle drivers on average spend 50 percent less on repair and maintenance costs compared to owners of gas-powered vehicles.  


CR says the cost savings related to Advanced Clean Car standards would result in an offset of the current price premium for an electric vehicle.  As more electric vehicles hit the used-car market, these qualities will greatly benefit used-car buyers, who spend a greater percentage of their transportation expenses on vehicle repairs compared to buyers of new cars.


Later this year, Nevada’s state legislative commission will vote on the official adoption of Advanced Clean Car standards. Consumer Reports is committed to advocating for stronger standards that deliver real-world benefits to consumers and the environment.