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Consumer Reports Calls On BlendJet and Safety Regulators to Immediately Address Potentially Serious Risks

The BlendJet 2 portable blender has been reported to explode, catch fire, injure consumers, and pose a risk to children

WASHINGTON, DC — Consumer Reports (CR) is alerting consumers to the potential for serious injury when using the BlendJet 2, a popular portable blender, following several additional incident reports recently published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CR sent a letter to the CPSC today requesting the agency investigate BlendJet 2 hazards and take all necessary steps to protect the public.

“Consumer Reports is warning consumers that the BlendJet 2 is linked to numerous serious safety concerns reported by its users,” said Ashita Kapoor, CR’s associate director of product safety. “If consumers choose to continue using the BlendJet 2, CR recommends extreme caution to make sure the blades have not broken and the product is not overheating.”

Consumer Reports initially raised safety concerns to the CPSC and BlendJet in summer 2023, when 12 complaints to the CPSC’s SaferProducts.gov website and our own tests indicated the blender may pose risks. At the time, the CPSC responded that it was aware of reported incidents involving the blender but could not comment on investigations or enforcement. 

Since August 2023, eight new complaints have been reported to the CPSC, including three injuries. In one complaint involving an injury, a consumer reported that the blender started smoking while plugged in, and the complainant’s son reportedly burned his finger when unplugging it. Consumer Reports shared BlendJet’s response to these recent complaints in its story published today.

The most recent complaints are similar to those that prompted CR to act this summer. Those included charging cords that reportedly melted or smoked and one case of the blender’s lithium-ion battery reportedly catching on fire. Three of those earlier complaints reported that pieces of the blender’s blade broke off during use. Two reported that the blender will operate with the lid off, citing this as dangerous to children. CR’s safety experts are urging BlendJet to do more to inform and protect its customers.

“BlendJet has a responsibility to give its customers more detailed information, so they know whether their safety is at risk,” said William Wallace, CR’s associate director of safety policy. “We urge the company and the CPSC to get to the bottom of these issues, and if any of the blenders have a safety defect, then they need to be recalled, and customers given the option of a full refund.”


Media Contact: Emily Akpan, emily.akpan@consumer.org