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CR follow-up letter to CPSC on BlendJet 2 – Dec 2023

Consumer Reports, the independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan member organization, is writing to follow up on our concerns regarding the BlendJet 2, a battery-powered personal portable blender, which is linked to reports of serious mechanical and electrical hazards. We reiterate our request for the CPSC to urgently investigate these reports and take all necessary steps to protect the public.

Recently, CR has been continuing to see – in saferproducts.gov reports and publicly available reviews – numerous complaints connecting the BlendJet 2 to serious hazards. These reported hazards included broken blades from regular use, overheating, and melted charging cables, and they also involved children using the product.

Specifically, since the August 2023 publication of CR’s investigation into the BlendJet 2, CR has identified that among the eight most recent publicly available complaints to the CPSC regarding the BlendJet 2, three include reports of injury. One involved a blender that reportedly exploded, and another involved a two-year-old who reportedly turned on a BlendJet 2 without the lid on and put her hand into it. The nature or severity of these injuries were not clear from the complaints. In the third complaint involving an injury, it was reported that the blender started smoking while plugged in, and the complainant’s son burned his finger when unplugging it.