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Digital Rights

Tech companies have unprecedented power and influence over our daily lives.  A handful of corporate giants collect enormous amounts of our personal and social data, which they store, sell and use to filter the information we see, and nudge us toward choices that benefit their interests.  Media conglomerates have gained control over the systems that deliver their content to our homes and devices, with unchecked authority to impose data caps and price hikes on customers.

Consumer Reports is working to tilt this balance of power back toward consumers.  We should have more control over our private data, with greater security for our most sensitive information.  We want a more competitive tech marketplace with real choices, greater accountability for companies, and fair prices.  This is especially important for essential services like broadband internet access during the pandemic.

We’re focused on advancing these core policy priorities to ensure consumers are protected in the digital marketplace. Together with CR’s members, partners and allies, we’re working to:

  • Pass a federal online privacy and data security law.
  • Expand broadband internet access and affordability for all American households.
  • Reform liability law to incentivize platforms to address bad faith abuses of their networks.
  • Require transparency and fairness in algorithmic data processing.
  • Combat the concentration of corporate power in digital markets by funding regulators, updating burden of proof presumptions, and enacting new protections such as data portability and interoperability. 

Learn more about how CR works with consumers, companies and policymakers in Washington, D.C. and statehouses across the country to help build a fair and just marketplace at TrustCR.org

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