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State survey results of consumer attitudes towards fuel economy and electric vehicles

Consumer Reports fielded a nationally-representative survey of Americans to understand attitudes toward fuel economy among Americans who intend to purchase a vehicle in the next two years and to better understand American drivers’ familiarity with and attitudes toward electric vehicles, including what they see as incentives and barriers to owning them. Four states were oversampled to create state-representative datasets. The results for these states are shown here. The results are based on interviews conducted July 29, 2020 through August 12, 2020.

The survey was administered by NORC at the University of Chicago through its AmeriSpeak® Panel to a nationally representative sample; Dynata’s nonprobability opt-in panel was also used to oversample three states (Minnesota, Nevada, and Virginia — California, the fourth state in this report, was fully NORC). Interviews were conducted in English and in Spanish, and were administered both online and by phone. The survey was administered to a total of at least 400 adults in each state. Questions about electric vehicles were asked of those who have a valid driver’s license, while questions about fuel economy were asked of those who plan to purchase or lease a vehicle in the next two years–except a few questions about policy that were asked of the full sample. For details by state, see next page. Final data are weighted separately for each section and state to be representative of each state. Weighting is done by sex, age, education, race/ethnicity, census region, housing tenure, and telephone status.

The survey report are available to download as a PDF at the top of this page, and the topline results are available here.