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Joint Safety Letter to Furniture Retailers

On behalf of the undersigned consumer and parent organizations, we write to you regarding ASTM F2057-23, the safety standard for dressers and other clothing storage units (CSUs). Compliance with the performance requirements of this standard became mandatory on September 1, 2023, under a new federal law, the STURDY Act, which is being enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This mandatory standard helps protect children from injury and death by requiring strong and practicable stability tests and requirements based on real-world use. However, based on our visits to various furniture retail stores and conversations with sellers’ customer care agents, we are very concerned that noncompliant furniture continues to be sold in stores and online, potentially creating confusion for consumers shopping for new furniture.

In December 2022, the STURDY Act passed through Congress with bipartisan support. The bill was endorsed by leading furniture manufacturers, retailers, and trade groups. The federal standard, ASTM F2057-23, is a consensus-based stability standard developed by parent advocates, furniture industry representatives, consumer organizations, and safety experts. Now, our organizations are evaluating how the furniture industry has responded to this federal standard.

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