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Joint letter calling on the House to support the Ban Water Beads Act (H.R. 6468)

The undersigned organizations write in strong support of the Ban Water Beads Act (H.R. 6468), a bill that would direct the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to enforce a ban on toys and similar products containing water beads. This bill is vital to help parents and caregivers keep their babies and children safe, and protect them from the risk of serious injury and death linked to these dangerous products.

Water beads are colorful gel balls that expand in water. They are commonly marketed as safe, eco-friendly, and biodegradable sensory toys, as well as sensory aids for older children and children with disabilities. They are sold in packages by the thousands that look like cupcake sprinkles or candy, and can be accidentally swallowed or inserted into the ear or nose by children. Despite careful handling, adult supervision, adherence to age recommendations, and thorough clean-up, the tiny beads can still scatter, roll away, and become concealed under furniture, within baseboards, or in carpet fibers. Unbeknownst to caregivers, a baby or child can find one, and swallow it, even months or years after someone has last played with the beads.

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