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Health Insurance Help is Here!


Resources from Consumers Union & Consumer Reports

Health insurance is a tricky purchase for most people and while the Affordable Care Act has made things much better, there’s still plenty of confusion.  We’ve created a bunch of tools and fact sheets to help  make sense of the hard-to-understand terminology, wide variety of options, new opportunities for coverage, and to address frequently asked questions.

These resources are backed by thorough consumer testing to ensure they truly help consumers get the answers they need.

Help with Shopping for Marketplace Coverage

Click on the topics below to get answers to your questions:

Tips for Shopping for 2016 State Marketplace Health Plans  / en Español

Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum: How to Choose the Right Level of Coverage  / en Español

Is My Doctor in a Plan? Why “Networks” Matter / en Español

Cost-sharing: What’s the Difference Between “Co-payment” &“Co-insurance”? / en Español 

Confused about coverage options?

Need more info about tax credit discounts for health insurance and new tax requirements?

Frustrated by the cost of healthcare and want to learn more?