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CR raises alarm on US consumers being left behind by American Big Tech companies

In this report, we emphasize the potential risk of the largest American tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft denying American consumers access to superior products and services in the upcoming year.

These companies will make various pro-consumer changes in Europe to comply with the Digital Markets Act but there is no obligation on these companies to introduce similar changes in the US. 

In the report we set out some possible examples of how US consumers could have fewer choices, degraded functionality, worse privacy, and pay higher prices when it comes to smartphones and apps; connected devices and services; and online shopping and e-commerce.

These possible examples are not meant to be exhaustive but illustrate why policy action is required so that US consumers are not left behind, and the US is a participant in setting rules for online markets and services and not just a rule taker. 

We also urge Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft to not short-change US consumers. They must not deny Americans the innovations and choices they provide to European consumers.