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Consumer Reports letter to U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works in support of strong Clean Fuels Standard

Consumer Reports wrote members of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works to urge them to support a strong national standard for clean transportation fuels.

CR sent the letter to committee members in advance of a February 15th hearing on the future of low carbon fuels and considerations for a national clean fuels program.

In its letter to the committee, CR noted that a national clean fuels standard, or CFS, “provides a common-sense solution to the problem of high-carbon fuels, while bringing greater innovation and stability to the fuels market. A CFS can help alleviate high gas prices by providing more fuel options for consumers that are not tied directly to fluctuating oil prices.

“A CFS is fuel-neutral, technology-agnostic, and market-based. A forward-looking program like a CFS is a thoughtful approach that provides a gradual transition away from traditional gasoline and diesel, and will encourage rapidly growing investment in the technologies needed to reduce pollution across the United States. Designed properly, it will spur innovation in American technology, help ensure equitable and sustainable economic growth, and facilitate the transition to a cleaner, more just transportation sector.”

Consumer Reports recently launched a hub of information about low carbon fuels for policymakers, consumers and other stakeholders at cr.org/lcf