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Consumer Reports Letter to House Energy & Commerce Subcomittee on “Preserving an Open Internet for Consumers, Small Businesses, and Free Speech” Hearing

Consumer Reports appreciates the Subcommittee’s consideration of how policies can and should preserve an open internet, and we look forward to the hearing on February 7, 2019. In advance of that hearing, we urge you to consider the impact of the Federal Communications
Commission’s recent repeal of its own net neutrality rules (embodied in the 2015 Open Internet Order) has had or will have upon consumers. The current absence of simple, common sense regulations that govern what internet service providers (ISPs) can and cannot do when providing internet access service creates a significant risk of a less open internet and higher prices for consumers. The Subcommittee has an opportunity to assess these dangers and explore what remedies can be pursued to restore strong, enforceable net neutrality rules that guard against harmful ISP interference.