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Consumer Reports hosts panel discussion at Washington Auto Show about the future of transportation

Consumer Reports hosted a panel discussion about the future of transportation at the Washington Auto Show in January of 2020. From the discussion, CR produced a series of videos broken down by topic about the challenges facing America’s transportation system. The videos identity four primary issues, and feature a diverse set of opinions and perspectives from CR and other organizations about what policies would help overcome these challenges.

This project is part of a new effort by Consumer Reports to broaden its transportation-related advocacy efforts to improve the consumer experience of transportation more holistically. The opinions expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Consumer Reports. The videos are edited to reflect a diversity of discussion, not to encapsulate all the opinions of each participating panelist.

1. Traffic congestion

Traffic costs people time and money, and increases crashes and air pollution. CR discussed new technology and policy changes that could reduce road congestion, and improve our lives.

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2. Infrastructure

America’s roads recently got a D+ rating from the American Society of Civil Engineers, and they aren’t yet ready for a future in which personal vehicles share the road with automated shared vehicle, e-scooters, and new forms of public transit. What needs to change to make our roads safer in the future?

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3. Vehicle safety

Tens of thousands of people are dying on America’s roads every year. What can we do? CR discusses the technology and policy changes that could improve lives, no matter how you get around.

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4. Air Pollution

Transportation is the leading cause of climate pollution in America. And it’s increasingly costing Americans their health and finances. Electric vehicles (EVs) could help change that. We discuss what will it take to increase EV adoption.

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