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Consumer factsheet highlights the benefits of AB 32

Consumers Union worked with our partners at California Delivers to publish an excellent consumer factsheet highlighting the real benefits of AB 32 for residents and the state of California. These benefits include direct savings for consumers, revenues helping California communities, and the growth of clean energy, the economy, and jobs. Below are some highlights, but be sure to read the full factsheet to see more benefits for consumers.

Benefits for working people and the state economy:

  • Creating jobs that demand high-skill workers in areas with high unemployment
  • 5 million jobs with a total payroll of $45 billion have been created from energy efficiency measures
  • $76 billion increase in Gross State Product will result from clean energy standards
  • 3.1% job growth rate in California, which is greater than the national rate of 2.3%

Improvements in communities and economic benefits to homeowners:

  • $8.3 billion in savings from reduced respiratory health impacts by 2025
  • Decrease in the amount of cancer-causing toxins in LA basin air by 65%
  • Installation grants for weatherization and solar power
  • Homeowners expected to save $200/year on electricity due to increased efficiency
  • Water conservation and efficiency programs

Cleaner, more efficient, affordable transportation

  • Improvements in public transit with better and more frequent bus services
  • Rebates for clean vehicles
  • Over 2 billion gallons of gasoline have already be displaced, which is equal to removing ½ million vehicles from the roads
  • Lower average price in transportation fuels and protection from price volatility

According to this factsheet, the consumers of California will continue to benefit with a healthy environment and healthy wallets with a green economy.