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Consumer and Public Interest Groups’ Joint Petition to the FCC to Deny the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger

Consumer Reports, Common Cause, New America’s Open Technology Institute, Public Knowledge, and Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. submitted a joint petition to the FCC urging the Commission to oppose the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. The groups argued that the merger would be highly anticompetitive, taking a market already limited to four competitors to a mere three. The merger would also rob consumers of two disruptive carriers that have forced AT&T and Verizon to compete and offer consumer-friendly services, such as Wi-Fi calling, unlimited data plans, and the end of 2-year contracts with termination fees. The groups also argued that T-Mobile and Sprint’s claims that the merger will benefit the public interest are false. The merger would not bring faster speeds, rural deployment, or new jobs to the American people. Instead, the merger risks killing jobs and exacerbating the digital divide.