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UPCOMING EVENT IN DC: Creating a Usable Measure of Actuarial Value

An Event Sponsored By Consumers Union
Creating a Usable Measure of Actuarial Value

October 17, 2011
Noon – 2:00 PM
Kaiser Family Foundation’s
Barbara Jordan Conference Center
1330 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005 (map)

This meeting sought to demystify the concept of actuarial value, review the role of actuarial value in the Affordable Care Act, and hone in on the challenges of creating a measure that can be used to compare health plans.


Opening Remarks Karen Pollitz
Senior Fellow, Kaiser Family Foundation
What is Actuarial Value?
[Download Powerpoint Presentation]
Lynn Quincy
Senior Policy Analyst, Consumers Union
Potential Approaches to Calculating Actuarial Value
[Download Powerpoint Presentation]
Cori E. Uccello
Senior Health Fellow, American Academy of Actuaries
Estimating Techniques Affect Actuarial Value
[Download Powerpoint Presentation]
Gary Claxton
Vice President and the Director of the Healthcare Marketplace Project, Kaiser Family Foundation
Would Consumers Use a Measure of Actuarial Value?
[Download PDF Presentation]
Lynn Quincy
Senior Policy Analyst, Consumers Union
The Massachusetts Experience – a practical application
[Download Powerpoint Presentation]
Kevin Counihan
President of CHOICE Administrators Exchange Services
Wrap up and Audience Q&A Karen Pollitz
Senior Fellow, Kaiser Family Foundation

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