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Twelve Days of Safe Shopping!

Twelve Days of Safe Shopping!

As you know, the holiday shopping season kicked off the day after Thanksgiving. And, Consumer Union Safe Shoppers hit the streets. We kicked off our 12 Days of Safe Shopping by holding four simultaneous events in Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston and New York.

Morgan was in Boston, and she wanted to share a little bit of the fun with you. Here is a local media outlet that covered it (it is the clip from 11/23, that’s her in the Get the Lead out tee-shirt.)

Kathy was in Chicago with a fantastic group of mom bloggers. Here she is with Amy from the Chicago Moms Blog. And there was a great write up on the Christian Science Monitor.

And, Mel and Brent went to the chilly tundra of Minnesota! Here they are on a corner of Nicollet Ave Mall with a group of wonderful MN PIRG volunteers. Burr!

New York.JPG
And finally, Chuck, Jean and other CU volunteers were out with a vengeance in Herald Square in New York City.

If would like to be a part of a larger event, there is still time!

We will be holding more events from coast-to-coast! If you would like to join us, email Morgan.

Or hold your own event! We have small groups of concerned shoppers all over the country receiving Safe Shopper kits (tee-shirts, stickers, coupon books and our 12 safety tips).

In Montana, a local group, the Montana Mamas, is holding an event at a local meeting place, moms, dads and other concerned shoppers will come out and get stickers, coupons, tee-shirts and our 12 safe shopper tips.

Would you like to organize an event like them? All you have to do is tell me the details and I will FedEx you a kit for your event. Even if it is getting a group of friends together to go to a local mall, or to hand out at your work or at a house party – just send me an email to let me know. The kit is completely free and we will keep giving them out as long as we have materials. All we ask is that you snap a few photos and let us know how it went!

Happy Safe Holidays from everyone at Consumers Union!