President Obama signs law to protect kids from poisoning

January 28, 2016

Safety advocates applaud measure to ensure e-cigarettes are child resistant

WASHINGTON, D.C.— President Obama today signed into law the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act.  This measure directs the Consumer Product Safety Commission to require child-resistant packaging on the liquid nicotine containers used for e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, and Kids in Danger issued the following joint statement:

“We commend the President and Congress for working together to enact this law.  The liquid nicotine used for e-cigarettes and similar products is highly toxic, and just one teaspoon can be fatal for a toddler.  Requiring liquid nicotine containers to be child-resistant is an important first step to address the safety hazards of these products.  We look forward to working collaboratively to implement this new law and take other necessary  steps to keep kids safe.”