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New report critical of FDA drug safety; hearings, laws needed now

Congress urged again to hold hearings, pass laws to strengthen drug safety laws in wake of critical GAO report

(Washington, DC) — A new report from the government’s internal investigative arm details the Food and Drug Administration’s failure to provide adequate drug safety oversight, underscoring the need for more resources and a fundamental reorganization of the agency to protect Americans from dangerous prescription drugs.
Consumers Union, the independent, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, urges Congress to hold hearings on this important,long-awaited GAO report. In addition to hearings, we ask Congress this year to enact bipartisan safety legislation to help prevent
The measures include:
S. 470, HR 3196 — would provide more public information about the clinical trials used to obtain approval of drugs, assuring that data is not hidden or distorted;
S. 930, HR 2090, HR 4429 — would strengthen post-approval safety oversight within the FDA and ensure that FDA can effectively insist on further safety research and the safer advertisement and use of drugs.
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