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CU to launch DC ad to push for health reform

March 8, 2010

Consumers Union to Launch Washington D.C. Ad Campaign
to Push for Health Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C., — With Congress gearing up for final votes on health reform, Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, is launching an ad campaign on March 9 to urge lawmakers to support comprehensive measures to make healthcare more affordable and reliable for consumers.
Starting Tuesday, Jim Guest, the President and CEO of Consumers Union, will appear in radio ads running on Washington D.C. stations. The organization is also placing ads in D.C.-area newspapers and news web sites.
“Our message is simple. The time for real health reform is now,” Guest said. “Healthcare costs too much, and reforms would help drive down the cost. Reform would mean no insurance company could deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition, or drop your coverage if you get sick. If you lost your job or hit a rough financial patch, you’d still be able to get the coverage you need.”
The 74-year-old nonpartisan organization Consumers Union, known for providing expert advice and analysis for consumers, has long advocated for reforming America’s healthcare system.
“We simply can’t wait any longer for reform,” Guest said. “The proposals on the table won’t solve all the problems in our nation’s broken health-care system. But they would go a long way towards achieving the goal of affordable, reliable healthcare.”
Consumers Union, which accepts no advertising in its publications, has spotlighted the skyrocketing costs of medical bills and the stories of Americans who lost their coverage when they lost their job, or were denied health coverage after they got sick.
To learn more about health reform, visit http://www.consumerreportshealth.org/reform
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