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CU praises House effort on consumer safety

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Consumers Union Praises House Effort on Consumer Safety

Washington, DC—Consumers Union, the non-profit publisher of Consumer Reports, applauds House action to ensure that products, especially those made for children, are safer.
“Products should be safe for all consumers—especially children. With all the recalls involving unsafe products, we are grateful that members of Congress are stepping up efforts to enact legislation that will help make a difference in the safety of toys and other children’s products that are in our homes,” said Janell Mayo Duncan, Senior Counsel for Consumers Union.
CU praised the House for unanimously passing four important consumer protection measures yesterday, including a process that will facilitate quicker recalls of unsafe nursery products, ensure child-resistant gas caps, increase civil penalties for safety violations under the Consumer Product Safety Act, and make pools and spas safer. CU testified in favor of these bills on June 6, 2007 before the House Commerce Subcommittee.
CU also praised the introduction of two new House bills, the SAFE Consumer Product Safety Act and the Lead Free Toys Act. The SAFE Consumer Product Safety Act will provide more tools and authorities for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to better do its job of policing the marketplace for unsafe products. The Lead Free Toys Act would limit lead levels in products used by children under the age of six.
“This effort marks real progress to improve our nation’s product safety, and moves us down the road to comprehensive reform,” said Duncan.
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