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CR statement regarding CPSC information disclosure

Whenever Consumer Reports uncovers information that is important to people’s safety – especially when it involves products that present potentially fatal hazards – it is our duty to bring it to light and help keep consumers safe.

In reviewing information provided to us by the CPSC, CR found data pertaining to infant inclined sleep products, including fatal incidents associated with the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper and two models by the company Kids II. CR’s investigation into the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper ultimately determined that the product is tied to at least 32 infant deaths.

CR informed the CPSC about our receipt of this data and our subsequent research findings, and a CPSC official asked us not to publish our story. The CPSC then informed us that its disclosure of manufacturer specific information to CR was in error and demanded CR return or destroy the information. In the interest of consumer safety, we declined.

After this exchange, Fisher-Price and the CPSC issued a warning about the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper on April 5, but no recall was issued. We published our story on April 8 with a call for an immediate recall. The CPSC announced a recall on April 12.

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