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CR Guide answers questions on healthcare reform

September 27, 2012

New Consumer Reports Guide Helps Answer Common Questions on Healthcare Reform

As the calendar counts down to open enrollment season for health insurance, consumers are beginning to think more about their health insurance options. And many of them may be wondering how the changes brought about by the health reform law will affect them and their families now and in the future.
To help answer those questions, Consumer Reports is releasing a new guide, “Health Reform: Seven Things You Need to Know.
“It’s no surprise that we continue to hear from consumers with questions about the health reform law. As we approach a season where many people will make important health insurance decisions, it’s critical that consumers understand how the law affects their families now and in the long term,” said Jim Guest, President of Consumer Reports. “There is so much information out there that it can be daunting to even figure out where to start. This guide helps cut through and focuses on the key things that consumers need to know.”
The free brochure outlines the consumer benefits and protections of the Affordable Care Act available now, like improved preventative care coverage and the end of lifetime limits, as well as new rules to hold insurance companies accountable for how they spend your money.
In addition, the guide offers a long term view for what consumers can expect when additional changes begin in 2014 and helps to clear up common myths and reader questions. Consumers can find out more about new ways to buy and afford insurance, changes for employers, how Medicaid is changing, and even how the ‘mandate’ will affect them.
Guest said, “Whether you’re buying health insurance for the first time or just looking to learn more about what’s available, our guide can help offer a straightforward answer to the important questions being discussed in homes across America.”
Consumer Reports’ “Health Reform: Seven Things You Need to Know” also helps to answer questions about health reform by highlighting real-life stories of consumers who have been impacted by the changes in the law. The guide features the experiences of consumers across the country, from parents to patients to business owners.
To download a copy of the guide, “Health Reform: Seven Things You Need to Know”, visit ConsumerReportsHealth.org/freeguides. The guide is also available in Spanish at ConsumerReportsenEspanol.org/salud.