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Consumer Reports takes part in White House roundtable on home electrification and “Demo Day” for tech innovations 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Dr. Quinta Warren, Associate Director of Sustainability Policy for Consumer Reports (CR), participated in a November 7th roundtable on home electrification and a science and technology event, both hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. 


The roundtable participants discussed the barriers preventing more widespread adoption of clean technologies in the home. 


The demonstration event – entitled American Possibilities: A White House Demo Day – brought together leaders from the federal government, industry, academia, and advocacy organizations to see and experience more than 40 demonstrations of innovations made possible by federal investments in research and development.  These innovations are aimed at creating a clean energy economy, promoting global peace and stability, advancing robust health, and more. 


“These demos were on the cutting edge of science and technology, and they can help improve lives, especially in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions,” said Dr. Warren. “The tools and appliances on display can make it easier for consumers to be active participants in the clean energy transition.”


Attendees were treated to demonstrations of data from satellites that monitor air quality from space, a plug-and-play induction stove with battery storage, and a plug-and-play heat pump that does not require building modification to install.  Other demos included an urban heat island mapping tool to help the public understand the impacts of heat and how to mitigate it, and AI predictions of persistence of wildfire damage using satellite data.