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Consumer Reports supports the Uncap America Act to limit unnecessary internet data caps

Consumer Reports announced its support today for the Uncap America Act introduced by U.S. Senators Ben Ray Luján and Cory Booker. The Uncap America Act would prohibit data caps on broadband service by ensuring caps are only used for reasonable network management by internet service providers (ISPs). The bill presents an opportunity to help reduce broadband costs for American families by eliminating the fears of unnecessary overage charges. Broadband has become a critical service, especially when so many Americans continue to depend on a reliable connection for work, education, and healthcare. 

A 2021 nationally representative Consumer Reports survey confirms just how important consumers value access to the internet, with 76 percent of Americans agreeing that internet service is as important as electricity or water service in today’s world. A nearly equal percentage of consumers, 75 percent, rely on the internet every single day. And 86 percent of consumers need access to the internet at least five days a week.

Jonathan Schwantes, Senior Policy Counsel at Consumer Reports noted, “Consumer Reports strongly supports the Uncap America Act authored and introduced by Senator Luján. This bill will ensure that ISPs are not allowed to include frivolous data caps at the expense of consumers. Americans need fast, reliable and affordable internet connections that are free from the burden of data caps that chill internet use and make it more expensive. We encourage Congress to vote yes on this bill so Americans will be able to install new security updates, conduct a job interview, or let their children complete their homework online without the fear of being penalized for exceeding data caps. Broadband can help spur economic growth, innovation, and connect millions. Where caps are legitimate and justified, so be it. But we can’t allow ISPs to maximize profits at the expense of consumers. ”