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Consumer Reports statement on news reports about new EPA rules to reduce tailpipe emissions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Multiple news outlets have reported that the White House is preparing to finalize new rules to reduce tailpipe emissions from new cars and trucks, and the planned rules are reportedly going to be weaker than the original proposal put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year. 


The nonprofit consumer research, testing and advocacy organization Consumer Reports is one of several groups that has urged the EPA to put strong emission standards in place to curb climate pollution and air pollution.  The consumer benefits include more choices for cleaner vehicles – including electric vehicles, hybrids and other options – at more affordable prices, with significant cost savings on vehicle fuel and maintenance, as well as improved public health.  


Chris Harto, senior policy analyst at Consumer Reports, said, “The consumer demand for cleaner vehicles is strong, and the benefits for our wallets and our health are significant.  We’ll see what the final rules actually look like, but the fact that many companies are already moving forward with the latest clean vehicle technology means automakers that lag are running the risk of being left behind.  We still expect these rules to help drive significant improvements to reduce emissions – the question is, how much, and how soon?”

See CR’s formal comments to the EPA in support of strong clean vehicle standards, and our latest survey data about consumers’ experience with electric vehicles.


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