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Consumer Reports announces strong support for a Clean Fuel Standard in New York State

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Consumer Reports mobilizes New York members, writes legislators, and runs ads to advocate for clean fuel standard


ALBANY, NY – Consumer Reports is announcing its strong support for New York state legislation to establish the Clean Fuel Standard of 2023. A Clean Fuel Standard (CFS), also known as a Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), is a critical tool designed to decrease the carbon intensity of transportation fuels. It provides incentives for the development of low-carbon fuel technologies, which can provide significant climate benefits for all.


Consumer Reports is headquartered in Yonkers, N.Y.  Known for its rigorous testing and ratings of products, the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization has a long history of advocating for laws and company practices that put consumers first.


A clean fuels standard would help ensure consumers have greater access to low carbon fuel options, help protect New Yorkers from spiking gas prices at the pump, and in the longer term, help more drivers purchase and utilize zero-emission vehicles. This bill also prioritizes environmental justice by requiring that 40% of overall credit values received from electric utilities or state agencies be directed to projects that directly benefit and serve disadvantaged communities to ensure they are part of the transition to lower emitting transportation.


In support of a clean fuel standard, Consumer Reports is mobilizing its members in New York to ask their state legislators to support the passage of a CFS in this legislative session. CR sent a letter of support for the legislation (A.964 and S.1292) to New York legislators, and it is running advocacy ads in support of the bill.


“A clean fuel standard is a critical tool to help consumers reduce their carbon footprints,” said Dylan Jaff, policy analyst at Consumer Reports. “New York has a prime opportunity to pass a clean fuel standard this legislative session, to help accelerate New York’s push to reduce emissions from the transportation sector, and provide more lower-carbon fuel choices for consumers. Consumer Reports urges the New York Legislature to act now and pass the Clean Fuel Standard of 2023.”



Contact: David Butler, david.butler@consumer.org


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