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Battery Electric Vehicles Survey Report by Gender Differences

Consumer Reports fielded a nationally representative survey gauging consumer attitudes and awareness of electric-only vehicles and low carbon fuels. The survey of 8,027 American consumers is the largest survey sample in the history of CR, the nonprofit consumer research, testing, and advocacy organization.


The survey found that overall 71% of Americans express some level of interest in buying or leasing an electric-only vehicle: 14%  would “definitely” buy or lease one if they were to get a vehicle today, 22% would “seriously consider” one, and 35% “might” consider one. However there were demographic and gender differences in the responses. The linked survey report looks at the gender differences in response to questions about electric vehicles. The survey found that males (43%) are more likely than females (31%) to say they would get an electric-only vehicle if they were to buy or lease a vehicle today. The results suggest that currently male respondents are more interested in, and more familiar with, EVs than females.