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Climate, Energy and Sustainability

Consumers should have confidence that the products and services they use will reduce their impact on public health and the environment. 

Homes and cars are at the center of our lives, whether we rent or own, lease or rideshare. Investing in efficiency, clean fuels, and other innovative technologies will ensure they are also at the center of  a healthier, more sustainable marketplace and a stronger economy. 

CR is focused on advancing these core federal legislative priorities: 

  • Extend, create, and make more equitable and available tax incentives and grants to support sustainable consumer products and services, including electric vehicles, charging and alternative fuel infrastructure, public transit, and renewable electricity.
  • Expand consumers’ fuel choices by creating a strong, technology-neutral, low-carbon or clean fuels standard that would replace the current renewable fuel standard.

Learn more about how CR works with consumers, companies and policymakers in Washington, D.C. and statehouses across the country to help build a fair and just marketplace at TrustCR.org

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