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Fair Digital Finance Evaluation Framework

Principle 4: User-Centricity

Digital finance products and services center user needs and experiences.


  • Customers are satisfied with the service they receive.
    • Company regularly surveys users regarding satisfaction.
  • Company provides access to customer service that meets the needs of users.
    • The method for contacting customer service (e.g. phone number or online support) is easy to find (ie, a “Contact” or “Support” page linked from the main site navigation).
    • First tier customer support includes speaking with a person.
    • Multiple ways to engage with customer service (in-person, over phone, email, live chat).
    • Convenient hours to access live customer service (i.e., not limited to business hours and days).
    • Company commits to a customer service response time in legally binding documentation.
    • Customer service is provided in languages other than English.
    • Company discloses use of outsourced customer service providers.
    • Outsourced customer service providers must have appropriate certifications that guarantee data protection by third parties.
    • Users are satisfied with customer service.
  • The company or organization should have effective grievance and remedy mechanisms to address users’ concerns.
    • The company initiates or participates in meetings with stakeholders that represent, advocate on behalf of, or are people directly and adversely impacted by the company’s business.
    • The company has a demonstrated track record of responding to feedback from stakeholders that represent, advocate on behalf of, or are people directly and adversely impacted by the company’s business.
    • Easy to locate, clear and simple way to submit feedback, including complaints and grievances.
    • Clear disclosure of process for responding to complaints.
    • The company reports on the number of complaints received.
    • Company participates in the CFPB consumer complaint process even if not required.
    • The company responds to consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB in a timely manner.
    • As measured via CFPB complaints database, complaint resolution at 100%.
  • Account creation and deletion is simple.
    • The account creation process is intuitive and straightforward.
    • The account deletion process is intuitive and straightforward.
  • App is compatible across platforms.
    • Users can access the app, including account information and core features, across platforms.
  • App allows for third-party logins.
    • App allows for third-party or federated logins.