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Fair Digital Finance Evaluation Framework

Principle 6: Inclusivity

Digital finance products and services seek to minimize barriers to access and use.


  • Companies ensure that barriers to access and use of digital finance products and services are minimized.
    • Digital interfaces are designed to be and tested to ensure they are accessible and intuitive.
    • Digital interfaces provide consumers with options for human interaction.
    • Users can access a digital app, including account information and core features, across platforms.
    • Mobile apps and websites incorporate barrier-free design to facilitate access to all consumers.
  • Products and services are designed to break down barriers experienced by communities traditionally excluded from the financial mainstream.
    • The company engages with traditionally excluded communities to understand their wants and needs and design products and services accordingly.
    • Documentation and customer interfaces are available and accessible in multiples languages for users.
    • Multiple options for identification and verification of identity are supported.
    • When in-person transactions are necessary (e.g., depositing cash), multiple locations and channels are made available, including in under-served areas.
    • [Specific to banking apps] The company offers and makes easily accessible a no-cost or low-cost basic bank account.
    • [Specific to banking apps] The company offers and makes easily accessible a second-chance transaction account.