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Surprise Medical Bills Survey

In March 2015, the Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted a nationally representative online survey to assess the experience of consumers with private health insurance. View the press release.

Nearly one third of privately insured Americans received a surprise medical bill where their health plan paid less than expected in the past two years, according to a new national survey of 2,200 adult U.S. residents by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. Among those respondents, nearly one out of four got a bill from a doctor they did not expect to get a bill from. Survey findings also suggest that consumers overall seem largely confused when it comes to their rights to fight surprise bills

GfK Group administered the  survey to a nationally representative sample of 2,202 adult U.S. residents and an Ohio augment (622 OH  residents), Florida augment (682 FL residents), Texas augment (790 TX residents), and California augment (825 CA residents). The data were statistically weighted so that respondents in the survey are demographically and geographically representative of the U.S. population and the state (OH, FL, TX, CA) augment population.