A Guide for Advocates: Rate Review for Non-Actuaries – Taking the Mystery out of Actuarial Analysis and the Insurance Rate-setting Process

This guide provides consumer advocates with information they can use to understand the process, review the filing and possibly challenge unjustified health insurance rate increases. The guide includes information applicable to all states.

For a copy of the guide and Appendix F, please email Dena.Mendelsohn “at” consumer.org.

Related materials include:

Appendix A: 50 State Overview: Statutes, Type of Rate Review and Public Participation
Appendix B: 50 State Overview: Conditions under Which Rate Review Hearings Held
Appendix C: 50 State Overview: Public Access to Rate Filing
Appendix D: 50 State Overview: Opportunity to Comment per DOI
Appendix E: State Decisions Renewing Non-Compliant Plans
Appendix F: Trade Secret Legal Memo