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New Report Says: Considerable Interest In Electric Vehicles Across Racial, Ethnic Demographics

In a new report, a group of consumer, sustainability, science, and equity advocacy organizations—Consumer Reports, EVNoire, GreenLatinos, and the Union of Concerned Scientists—identify policy recommendations to help overcome systemic barriers to adopting EVs that disproportionately impact potential Black and Latino buyers.

This report delves into the racial demographic data from a recent nationally representative survey of 8,027 US adults conducted by Consumer Reports from January 27 to February 18, 2022, and finds that despite considerable interest in EVs across race and ethnicity, inequities in EV adoption persist. Read this report to learn more about disparities in EV adoption and how US policymakers can address these issues to advance a more equitable, accessible, and zero-emission future.

See here for the joint press statement from Consumer Reports, EVNoire, GreenLatinos, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.