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Letter Supporting NYC Council Bill Int. No. 1102 to Address Cable Fee Disclosure

Consumers Reports sent a letter to New York City Council members Koo, Richards, Constantinides, Grodenchik, Espinal, Salamanca and Kallosis supporting bill Int. No. 1102 introduced by Council Member Koo earlier this year. This legislation would begin to address the out-of-control fees problem in the telecommunications marketplace by requiring cable operators to better inform consumers of all fees comprising the monthly service charge for services rendered.

Specifically, Int. No. 1102 would mandate cable companies to furnish an annual notice to consumers that lists “every available non-covered service plan and associated prices, including all applicable rates, fees, charges, and other costs that a subscriber must pay to receive the service, and terms and conditions that apply to the service.” This bill would also, importantly, require cable companies to provide consumers a confirmation of any new services purchased or changes to existing services that includes “a statement accurately describing all rates, fees, and charges, including all taxes and any other miscellaneous charges, that the subscriber or potential subscriber will be required to pay for the cable operator services, including a statement of the sum total of all such rates, fees, and charges,”  within five business days, and would further allow consumers 72 hours to terminate service without penalty after receiving this confirmation.