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CR reply comments, Capital One petition to FCC to clarify process for confirming scope of a consumer request to opt out of receiving robo-texts

Consumer Reports comments in support of a petition, by Capital One bank to the FCC, for a declaratory ruling that, if a consumer sends an opt-out request in response to a robo-text sent under a program the consumer has signed up for that transmits robo-texts for a variety of purposes, the sender of the robo-text can send one clarifying follow-up text. The follow-up text would be to clarify the scope of the opt-out request, whether it applies to all texts, or just certain specific categories. CR also agrees with the position taken in comments submitted jointly by other consumer groups, that the follow-up robo-text must be one-time and clear, and if the consumer does not send another response, the initial response must be regarded as requesting opt-out from all robo-texts.