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CR letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in support of S.2992 – American Innovation and Choice Online Act

Description: Consumer Reports supports S. 2992 and applauds the bipartisan group of Senators working together to address the problematic market power of the largest online platforms.

As we explain in our letter, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act is targeted at online activities where the marketplace is not working, and the proposed fair market rules will benefit consumers. The Act also includes effective safeguards against unintended adverse effects.

We believe S. 2992 is a sound and practical proposal, with a solid foundation in antitrust and economic principles, that will enable our laws to better achieve their mission of preserving and promoting competition and the benefits it brings to us all. We look forward to working with Congress to ensure that the online marketplace works for consumers, for businesses big and small that seek to serve their needs, and for all who seek to reach them on the internet.