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CR letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in support of S.2710 – Open App Markets Act

Description: Consumer Reports supports S.2710 and applauds the bipartisan group of Senators working together to address the stranglehold that Apple and Google have on our smartphones which are increasingly the primary mode for consumers to access online services – both inside and outside their homes.

As we explain in the attached letter, the Open App Markets Act narrowly targets policy intervention at the app marketplace, and proposes fair market rules that will benefit consumers.

Importantly, Apple and Google would not be in violation of the Open App Markets Act if they are taking actions to protect user privacy, security or digital safety or to prevent spam or fraud. This means that nothing in the bill prohibits Apple from introducing new and innovative ways to ensure user safety for apps distributed via third party app stores. These less restrictive alternatives that enable more competition exist. These solutions fall between the current Apple model that prohibits any alternative app distribution, and unrestricted distribution. Such solutions could include, for example, Apple notarizing apps distributed via third party app stores.

S. 2710 proposes sound and practical policy proposals which strike the right balance between introducing more competition on smartphones and preserving Apple and Google’s own incentives to keep developing their mobile ecosystems.

We look forward to working to ensure that the app marketplace works for consumers and for businesses big and small that seek to serve their needs.