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Consumers Union’s agenda for the 111th Congress

CU hopes to work closely with the 111 th Congress to help improve the marketplace for consumers

January 12, 2009

Dear Senator/Representative:

Consumers Union, the nonprofit, independent publisher of Consumer Reports magazine with more than 7.4 million print and online subscribers, hopes to be able to work closely with you and your staff on a variety of consumer issues facing the 111 th Congress. For 72 years, we have worked to improve the marketplace for consumers in healthcare, product and food safety, finance and telecommunications, and we are the premier source of independent information for consumers on these issues.

American consumers everywhere are feeling the impact of our struggling economy. That is why Consumers Union, along with other public interest groups, are calling for the restoration and funding of the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs, which was shut down in 1997 after being established by executive order under President Nixon. This office, headed by a strong leader, could provide an essential voice for consumers in the White House and across the Federal government. As you begin to tackle all of the tremendously pressing and complex problems confronting our nation we would urge you to keep in mind this request as well as several important initiatives that can improve consumers’ health, safety and financial well-being.

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