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Consumers Union comments sample letter (Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

If you want to tell the Department of Managed Healthcare that Californians deserve better than to have their health insurance premiums increased without a good explanation, and you have an Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan, you can submit your comments using one of the following links.

  • Click here to submit your comment letter for Anthem Blue Cross.
  • Click here to submit your comment letter for Blue Shield (California Physicians’ Service).

The following letter is offered as a sample; feel free to copy it and add your name before submitting. You may also add to our suggested comments to make it suit you. Don’t have an Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield plan? Click here to see filings from other carriers and submit your comments.


To the Department of Managed Healthcare:As an individual health insurance policy holder, every additional dollar I have to pay for my coverage in 2015 matters to me and my family. Although some of the rate increases are lower than in some other states, that does not mean they are OK, especially on top of the heavy increases of the past several years. Insurers like Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross haven’t given DMHC or the public enough information to justify these rate increases.

Californians are bearing the burden of escalating prices, while Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross build up their coffers and assert their right to bigger premiums. Please protect California consumers’ health and financial security by carefully reviewing each rate request to be sure what the health plans are asking for is justified and fair, so consumers are not overcharged one dime.