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Consumer Reports supports California bill aimed at government procurement of AI, SB 892

Consumer Reports supports California bill SB 892, which would require the state to establish standards for purchasing AI technology.


Specifically, the bill would:


  • Require the California Department of Technology to develop and adopt regulations to create an artificial intelligence (AI) risk management standard
  • Require the AI risk management standard to include, among other things, a detailed risk assessment procedure for procuring automated decision systems, including adverse incident monitoring procedures.
  • Once the regulations go into effect, the bill would require any public state agency purchasing an automated decision system to include a clause in the contract that, among other things, provides a completed risk assessment, requires adherence to appropriate risk controls, provides procedures for adverse incident monitoring, and requires the state agency or the vendor to provide notice to individuals that would likely be affected by the decisions or outcomes of the automated decision system.


AI technology, deployed responsibly, has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of government services to Californians. However, AI technology and services can also pose a significant risk to the safety, privacy, and civil rights of Californians. 


CR supports SB 892’s approach, because it recognizes the potential risks of AI technology alongside its potential for fostering innovation. 


CR submitted a letter of support to California’s committee on Governmental Organization ahead of the bill’s first hearing. To learn more, please read our full letter.