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Consumer Reports supports California AB 254 to protect sensitive health information

Consumer Reports endorses AB 254 to extend California’s Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA) to apply to the data generated by fertility and sexual health mobile applications. Currently there are few reliable protections for most personal health data shared with mobile apps. A Consumer Reports investigation in 2020 showed that the five leading fertility apps all had significant privacy issues: many required users to provide their name and email address in order to function, others had confusing privacy policies that few consumers would understand, and all shared users’ personal health data with advertising and marketing firms. A follow-up Consumer Reports investigation in 2022 found that while a handful of fertility apps did implement robust privacy protections to safeguard consumer data, the biggest companies still had not addressed many of the problems we had identified in our earlier study — including sharing personal fertility data with data brokers and other third-parties. AB 254 offers a simple and elegant solution to this problem by extending the existing CMIA framework to personal health data associated with these and other sexual health applications.