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USDA standards for organic livestock commended

February 12, 2010

CU commends USDA on standards for organic livestock access to pasture

The USDA today issued a final rule on access to pasture for organic livestock.
Consumers Union has long advocated for strong standards on the organic label and commends USDA on this action.
“This new standard goes a long way to bridging the gap between consumer expectation and the realities of how much time organic animals are required to spend in the pasture. And we commend the USDA for pushing the bar higher by laying out specific guidelines so that organic farmers have to raise their livestock in a way that allows them to graze outdoors, exhibiting more natural behavior.” Urvashi Rangan, PhD, Director of Technical Policy, Consumers Union.
To speak with Urvashi Rangan, please contact her directly via cell phone: 646-594-0212. Or you may contact Lauren Hackett at or 917-836-8244.