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Tell Your Senators Today to Overturn FCC Media Ownership Rules

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Tell Your Senators Today to Overturn
FCC Media Ownership Rules

Vote Expected on Appropriations Bill to Rollback Loose Media Ownership Rules

Monday, November 11, 2003

(Washington, D.C.) — With the House of Representatives refusing to respond to overwhelming public disapproval of the new Federal Communication Commission media ownership rules, the Senate will consider a spending bill Monday and Tuesday that is the last chance to block these controversial rules.

Please contact your Senators and ask them to overturn the FCC’s media consolidation rules by witholding funding in the Commerce, Justice and State appropriations bill that would allow implementation of these rules.

If these rules are not blocked, media conglomerates will be allowed to swallow up even more broadcast, cable and newspapers properties throughout the country. The new rules would result in a loss of localism in media markets, a lack of diversity in news reporting due to concentrated ownership, and an overall blow to democracy and free speech.

The Senate vote this week is crucial because House leadership to date has refused to schedule a vote on a complete rollback of the new rules. A winning vote this week could be the most decisive victory so far for consumers and citizens fighting for media diversity and localism.

To ask your Senators to rollback the new rules, click here.