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Senate vote puts net neutrality rules in jeopardy

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Senate Vote Puts Net Neutrality Rules in Jeopardy
Consumers Union Urges Senators to Support an Open Internet

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As the Senate gears up to vote on a proposal to repeal the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Open Internet rules, Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer Reports, sent a letter to Capitol Hill today urging lawmakers to reject the proposal and keep the Internet open for consumers.
“The FCC’s Open Internet rules simply make it harder for internet providers to play favorites by speeding up or slowing down content over their networks. Consumers expect and deserve to be able to freely surf the internet. To do away with these rules goes against the very nature of the Internet’s open marketplace,” said Parul P. Desai, policy counsel for Consumers Union.
The Congressional Review Act before the Senate (S.J. Res. 6) would eliminate the current FCC rules and hobble the FCC when it comes to keeping the Internet open. President Obama today announced that he would veto the Senate legislation, saying an open Internet is critical to job creation, economic growth, and global competitiveness.
Desai said, “The overwhelming majority of stakeholders — consumers, small businesses, unions, religious organizations and minority groups — agree that the Open Internet rules are needed and that the FCC has the authority to implement and enforce these rules. We urge the Senate to vote no on this proposal. Rejecting this measure would ensure consumers could continue to use the Internet equally.”
For a full copy of the letter, please contact David Butler or Kara Kelber of Consumers Union.


David Butler or Kara Kelber, 202-462-6262