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House health reform bill: The road to reform

Bill ensures virtually every American will have opportunity for affordable, comprehensive healthcare

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

House Dems’ Healthcare Bill: The Road to Reform

DeAnn Friedholm, Consumers Union’s campaign director for healthcare reform, today made the following statement about the House Democrats’ healthcare bill introduced this afternoon:

“This bill is a major milestone on the road to health reform. The bill ensures that virtually every American will always have dependable, affordable, comprehensive healthcare. It sets in place measures to reduce health inflation and improve the quality of care. It goes a long way toward addressing consumers’ fear of bankruptcy from high healthcare costs.

“We’re especially pleased that the House added a requirement for the public reporting of healthcare acquired infections. An American dies about every 5 minutes—100,000 die every year—from largely preventable hospital acquired infections. At long last, this bill offers a national response to this deadly problem, by providing public information on what each local hospital is doing to stop these unnecessary deaths. The light of publicity will enable consumers — and dedicated medical staffs — to insist on major quality reforms.”

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